What is the NALSA judgment?

sarvesh w

The NALSA judgement or the National Legal Services Authority vs. Union of India judgment (2014) was a landmark judgment in the case of National Legal Services Authority vs Union of India and others was gamechanging for the transgender community. Not only did it mandate that a trans person be allowed to self-identify as the gender of their choice, but it also stated that SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) was not a prerequisite for identifying as trans. Trans people were to be treated as a socially and economically backward class and provided reservations for jobs and educational institutions. The Central and State governments were to provide for separate bathrooms, targeted healthcare services in hospitals and operate HIV sero-surveillance centres for trans people. The judgment also mandated social welfare schemes, public awareness and gender sensitisation. However, even in 2018, most of these changes are yet to be implemented. The NALSA judgment was not a complete victory for the community.